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Elementary School

Here rest the last
Who still knew
how to write
from right to left.
A stonecutter’s – may his memory be blessed –
Chisel rusts in a snowdrift
In a Jewish cemetery
A child with an iron pen
Writes timidly
With rust on snow
My name.
From right to left.

Sergejus Kanovičius, 1983


MACEVA (מצבה Matseyva in Hebrew) - In Hebrew language means 'gravestone'.

Lithuania is often referred to as the cradle of Eastern European Jewish culture where a large vibrant Jewish community once flourished. This community’s rich cultural and religious traditions vanished during the Holocaust. According to various estimates, in pre-war Lithuania there were between 200-240 Jewish cemeteries. Today, the majority of them are forgotten and neglected. New buildings were built on top of or next to some old cemetery sites, and gravestones have often been used as construction materials.

Time ruthlessly ravages old graves. These sites often become the target of attacks by vandals. Because of lack of funds and initiative, old Jewish cemeteries are quickly disappearing and the memories of Litvaks (Lithuanian Jews) who are buried there will disappear as well. In Lithuania we walk on the streets paved by Litvaks, we pass houses where they lived, schools where they learned, synagogues where they prayed, theaters where they preformed … a land where they thrived..
Old Jewish cemetery in Lithuania is not simply a burial place. It is part of Lithuanian history and culture.

'MACEVA' is a non-profit organization, which aims to preserve signs of old Jewish cemeteries, for the future generations in Lithuania and the diaspora.

Goals of MACEVA are:

  • Collect, catalogue and publicize information about all the pre-WWII Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania. Document through photographs all remaining tombstones in all Jewish cemeteries throughout Lithuania;
  • Translate all legible inscriptions from the gravestones and post this information on our website, so that everybody can get a list of cemeteries or a burial list free of charge;
  • Whenever possible restore/reconstruct, or at least clean cemeteries, with the assistance of and in cooperation with local municipalities;
  • Install permanent memorial plaques at Jewish cemeteries across the country with information about the site and the community;
  • Raise awareness among local communities about the Jews who used to live in the neighbourhood and seek their support to look after Jewish cemeteries.

Living people deserve as much respect as they show not to only to those alive, but dead too. Memory can not be nameless.

Realizing MACEVA's goals depends not only on us, but also on you!

Therefore, we welcome everybody’s support - individuals, businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations.

If you are looking for the graves of your ancestors, please click on the List of Cemeteries

If you want to contribute to this project, please click HERE