Kauno Vilijampolės žydų kapinės (Kalnų g.) - Kaunas Vilijampole Jewish Cemetery (Kalnu str.)

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Kaunas District, Kaunas City Municipality County


The cemetery is located between Kalnų and Lopšelio streets. There were two Jewish cemetery in Vilijampole (Slobodka), the oldest one was close to the river Neris bank.
This cemetery was established in the 18th century.
The current Jewish cemetery of Vilijampole exists, but it is in very terrible condition. It is known, that in 1963 the area of cemetery was destroyed and all tombstones were removed or bulldozed. On the left side of cemetery stand former ritual burial houses, who have been turned into residential plots. The territory of the cemetery is also a burial site of Holocaust victims.
Nevertheless, some old tombstones have remained on the top of a hill, which one is surrounded by bushes and is hardly accessible. Some parts of a broken cement fence is seen there as well.

Kapinės išliko, nors sovietmečiu dalis kapinių smarkiai nukentėjo. Yra išlikusių senų antkapių tik pačiame kalnelio viršuje, kur paminklai sunkiai pasiekiami, tam trukdo krūmynai. Matomi, šlikę betoninės tvoros fragmentai.
Šioje, buvusių kapinių vietoje, taip pat palaidotos ir Holokausto aukos. Manoma, jog kapinės įsteigtos XVIII a.

Photos by Goda Volbikaitė and MACEVA

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