Punios žydų kapinės - Punia Jewish cemetery

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Alytus District, Alytus County

The Punia Jewish cemetery was established at the end of the 18th century. Nowadays, the cemetery looks abandoned. The grass is dense in the summer that it is difficult to notice some tombstones lying in it. In order to enter the cemetery, it is necessary to pass a small bridge over the river and climb up the slope.  There is a memorial stone next to the street that marks the location of the cemetery.

The cemetery was documented by Maceva in 2020.  80 tombstones were found and digitized. The majority of them have legible epitaphs that were transcribed and translated by dr. Lara Lempert.

The work was funded by the NGO Good Will Foundation and the Alvin Gerstein and Randall Souviney Families.

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